Buying iPhone 11 Won’t Be Easy, Thanks To Coronavirus

Apple Coronavirus supply shortage

The production line of several tech giants has been affected due to the Coronavirus outbreak including Apple, Tesla and a few more. Apple, particularly, has issued a warning that the global supply of the iPhones will be restricted until production is resumed in full force.

Factory partners of Apple are slowly resuming their services and putting in all their efforts into resuming the production of the iPhones. Retail demand is also a major problem in front of Apple. Several Apple official stores and third party stores have rescheduled their opening hours and it has decreased the footfall at the stores. This would lead to a shortage of iPhones in the market and would also impact the upcoming iPhones.

The factories responsible for the production of iPhones have clearly said that it will take time to resume production. Apple said that the health of the factory workers is its first priority and the factories are advised to start working as safely as possible.

As reported by Engadget, Apple said in a press release that it is withdrawing revenue guidance for the first quarter as a result of supply shortages. The decision has been taken due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Apple is not updating its guidance numbers which clearly means that the company will not reveal quarterly earnings in March.

Coronavirus has made Tesla close its Shanghai factory and a lot of companies including Facebook, Google has restricted their officials’ travel to the country. It seems like Apple has been affected the most due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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