Ming-Chi Kuo Says Retailers Are Willing To Pay More For iPhone 14 In China

iPhone 14
Image: Jon Prosser

Even if the iPhone 14 is meant to be a minor upgrade to last year’s iPhone 13, Chinese retailers are willing to pay more for it. Kuo says the demand for iPhone 14 in the Chinese market can be significantly higher this year.

This is definitely good news as higher demand reduces the risk of iPhone 14 order cuts. Although the iPhone 14 production in China is slightly behind schedule, the devices are set for a timely release in September.

high demand for iPhone 14 in china

Image: Jon Prosser

Trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo yesterday tweeted about the forecasted high demand for the iPhone14 in china. Although it still seems to be speculation from his end as the prediction is based on the information he gathered from iPhone retailers/scalpers in China.

Kuo conducted a survey that indicates; that Chinese distributors/retailers/scalpers have to pay the highest prepaid deposit ever for the upcoming iPhone 14. Here are the tweets:

According to Kuo, currently, in the Chinese market, the iPhone 14 prepaid deposit is higher than the iPhone 13 and even twice as high in some places. But as far as our understanding goes, higher demand for the iPhone 14 should result in a larger production.

Kuo, in his tweet, also mentions the forecasted number of iPhone 14 shipments. “The iPhone 14 shipment forecast of component suppliers and EMS is about 100 million and 90 million units in 2H22, respectively,” he wrote.

The analyst is one of the most reliable sources regarding Apple, with 72.5 % accuracy on the Apple track website. If Kuo’s survey was spot on, then the solid demand in the iPhone market will reduce the order cut risk after launch.

Is Apple moving iPhone production to India?

Apple plans to move the iPhone production away from China and start manufacturing in India. Although a large chunk of the iPhone 14 production will be dependent on Chinese companies like Pegatron and Foxconn, it can soon shift to India.

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