iPhone 14 Launch May Be Delayed Due to China’s Lockdowns

iPhone 14 Launch May Be Delayed Because Of China's Lockdowns
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Everyone is gearing up for this year’s fall as the iPhone 14 series is scheduled to be released in September. This year’s range is expected to consist of four models, excluding the mini version. The iPhone 14s are making quite a lot of buzz, thanks to frequent rumors and leaks.

Apple, on the other hand, may miss the regular launch cycle this year. According to reports, the iPhone 14 announcement would be delayed due to an unprecedented global chip shortage. While Apple and its suppliers have begun to make up for the lost time, China’s Covid-19-induced lockdowns have worsened the situation.

iPhone 14 delayed due to lockdown, says report

iPhone 14 Launch May Be Delayed Because Of China's Lockdowns
image credit: Jon Prosser

While China has begun to relax the lockdown limitations, according to the Nikkei Asia article, Apple may still struggle to make up for the lost time. In the worst-case scenario, Apple could lose 6-10 million iPhones in the run-up to the iPhone 14’s release date. According to Nikkei Asia, one of the iPhone 14 series’ flagship models is behind schedule due to difficulties caused by China’s month-long lockdowns.

Apple has reportedly already instructed suppliers to accelerate product development. According to the article, the delays are related to the engineering verification test, which occurs when suppliers finalize the parts and processes needed to begin production. Apple’s normal late-September launch timeline necessitates the completion of all new models’ engineering. However, according to reports, the iPhone 14 mac is three weeks behind schedule.

Apple made predictions of the upcoming scenario way back. They made their forecast accordingly and instructed suppliers for timely completion. However, Apple is keeping its iPhone 14 production flat. Analysts online are saying they’re not so optimistic about Apple suppliers making up for lost time.

The restrictions can take up some time until they return back to normal assuming there are no further lockdowns. However, it seems highly unlikely that Apple will be delaying its September launch due to a single model. The last time Apple pushed its iPhone launch was back in 2020 with the iPhone 12 series.

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