Google Lens Image Search Arrives On iPhone Google App

Google Lens

Back in March, the Google Lens feature arrived on all the iOS devices, in the Google Photos app. Now, the visual search feature is rolling out on the Google app for iOS users.

The new implementation of Google Lens in iOS devices is different from what we previously saw in the Google Photos app. The Google app features a live viewfinder whereas, the Lens feature in Photos app required users to capture an image first.

For the first time, users will be asked to grant camera permission for the app and agree to other terms and services. Afterward, Google will showcase tutor all the features of the Lens.

Google Lens is an image recognition tool that uses AI techniques and deep machine learning to identify the content of the image. At the Google I/O 2018, many of Google Lens feature was showcased like smart-text selection, identifying plants and objects, searching for similar products and many more.

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While many Android users can download the Google Lens app from the Google Play Store, Pixel 3 owners can use the Lens features in real time. In other words, Google Pixel 3 owners can identify products, text even before clicking the picture.

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