Minecraft Fan Builds A Way To Program BASIC Code In-game

minecraft basic mod
minecraft basic mod

MinecraftShort Bytes: A Minecraft gamer achieved an admirable feat by making a new script that allows a user to use the BASIC programming language within Minecraft. This script uses a number of programming methodologies that can interpret programming commands in the form of the BASIC language.

You must have encountered Minecraft on your old PC in old times. This game is still the heartthrob of many.

While many of us kept wondering how the logic behind this game works, a recently uploaded YouTube video explains the way a Minecraft fan built the interpreter blocks for this game where a normal user can program BASIC code.

This BASIC interpreter lets a user compile scripts and run simple programs in the Minecraft game. Using this interpreter, you can do a lot of technical stuff like printing some text to ordering a game bot to perform some tasks.

A 14-minute long video has been uploaded on the SethBling YouTube channel. This video is basically a tutorial which explains how the BASIC interpreter works and what are its uses. As mentioned in the video, it took Seth two weeks to design the command blocks that allow the interpreter to work. Some basic commands like arithmetic, multiplication, division and algebra can also be executed within the language interpreter.

While the language isn’t fully compatible with all of the actual BASIC commands, it is sufficient for a school kid to learn how to program and run BASIC.  Moreover, this piece of work would work as an actual visual guide of how something programmed and functional works in real life.

Here is the video:

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