Microsoft’s Dual Screen Laptop OS Has A New Codename

Microsoft Centaurus Dual-Screen Touch Device
Image: PC World

Ever since Windows 10 came into existence, we have heard about Microsoft’s One Windows dream. The company is trying to bring the same core operating system to devices of various form factor but with different shells or user interfaces.

So there are shell names like Andromeda (on Surface Phone), Aruba (on Surface Hub 2), Oasis (on HoloLens 2). And you also might have heard about the Windows Lite shell that is believed to run on a rumored dual-screen touch device from Microsoft (codenamed Centaurus), on foldable devices, and also on Windows 10 laptops codenamed Pegasus.

However, a common thing that all of these will have is the Windows Core OS as their base.

Now, ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reports that Windows Lite has a new codename and it’s now called Santorini. But still, it can’t be assumed that Centaurus and Pegasus devices will exclusively be tied to the Santorini shell. And also that the official name would be Windows Lite if Microsoft is putting it as a competitor against Google’s Chromebooks and Chrome OS.

Foley also noted that Microsoft is working to add support for Win32 (legacy) apps on these devices and allowing users to download and install apps directly from websites. Otherwise, we have seen how things fail, like Windows RT, and Windows 10 S.

All of the Windows Core OS and different shells for different devices are slightly confusing. And it won’t clear up until Microsoft speaks up in public. Maybe we can expect some information at this year’s BUILD 2019 conference.

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