How Microsoft Plans To “Mix” Ubuntu Linux And Windows 10 In Creators Update


Short Bytes: Microsoft is planning to introduce tons of new features in its Windows 10 Creators Update. The company is looking to add more functionalities in Windows 10 Linux subsystem and Windows console to make things easier for developers. This step is also seen as Microsoft’s way to erase the boundaries between Windows and Linux.

Microsoft surprised the world by introducing Bash on Windows at Build 2016. This was followed by the initial release to Windows 10 Insiders and a final release in Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Since then, Microsoft has been busy collecting feedback and introducing new features.

With the recent addition of Bash, Microsoft has infused three shells in Windows 10 — Bash, PowerShell, and cmd, of course. Microsoft, chiefly, focused on different kinds of developers with Ubuntu Linux subsystem in Windows.

In a recent video, Microsoft hinted at some major overhaul for developers in the Creator’s update. Let’s take a look at these changes:

Improving Windows 10 Linux subsystem:

  • Enabling a broader and deeper syscalls by enabling more tools, languages, and platforms: Go, Ruby, Java, node.js etc.
  • Improved network support with ping and ipconfig support
  • Full Ubuntu 16.04 support
  • Interop

The feature named “Interop” between Bash and Windows environments aims to provide more flexibility and convenience. It’ll enable features like calling Windows exe’s right from the Bash.


The other obvious side of Interop is the ability to invoke Bash from Windows PowerShell for making the overall jobs easier.


Improvements in Console:

  • Full, glorious, 24-bit color
  • Improved rendering in emacs, vim, mac, emacs, etc.
  • Mouse support


Microsoft is taking big steps to impress developers and Linux users by shifting from Windows 10’s image of being just a proprietary platform. The company has also established various partnerships with open source giants like Red Hat and SUSE. Recently, Microsoft also joined the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member.

What do you think about these upcoming Linux subsystem features in Windows 10 Creators Update? Share your views in the comments below.

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