Google Is Still Working On The Dragonfly Project; Employees Claim

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Last year, Google dropped plans to launch its censored search engine, codenamed Dragonfly, in China. But it seems like Google’s employees aren’t convinced and they investigated to find out otherwise.

According to a report by The Intercept, some of the Google employees kept a close eye on various codes stored in computers and found out that they were linked to the Dragonfly project.

It is suggested that around 500 changes have been made to the codes each month, since 2017, hinting at the ongoing work on the project.

Additionally, the codes were created for Android as well as iOS versions of the search engine in China, named Maotai and Longfei, respectively.

While the Dragonfly project was stopped due to internal and political pressure, Google did not ask the employees to stop working on it completely. Instead, they were asked to complete the work, following which those employees will be allotted new projects.

It is further suggested that the employees associated with the project were still linked to the Dragonfly ‘cost center’, implying that the budget for the project was still being maintained.

Furthermore, Google did not provide clarifications on the censored search engine plans due to which many employees have left Google.

Google’s censored search engine while being unethical could mean its re-entry in China (it was banned in China back in 2010) expanding its user base in the country.

Upon being contacted by The Verge, Google denied the news and suggested that no work is taking place for the Dragonfly project.

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