Microsoft Joins Linux Foundation As Platinum Member


Short Bytes: At the Connect(); conference, Microsoft surprised the Linux community by announcing that the company is joining the Linux Foundation as a Platinum Member. In the recent years, Microsoft has been sincere about the development of various open source projects and it’s another step in the same direction.

Microsoft–considered as a rival to the Linux community–has announced that the company is now a part of the Linux Foundation, that too as a Platinum Member, joining the likes of Cisco, Oracle, Intel, etc.

Ever since people started realizing the difference between open source and closed source software, Microsoft was often thought of as the representative of the closed source community with a plethora of products including Windows, Office, etc. But, in the recent years, with Satya Nadella taking the command, the company has tried to change people’s perspective.

Microsoft, in fact, is now the number one contributor to the open source community with their project-packed GitHub repository. They have open sourced major components of the Bing search engine, the C language extension called Checked C, CNTK toolkit which can be used to make AI systems with human-like understanding, and much more.

It’s no doubt that a considerable part of the Linux community is surprised with Redmond’s recent announcement. But, it will definitely bring goodies for the software community as a whole. Another surprising news comes from the resident of the Mountain View, Google. The company is joining the .NET foundation, led by Microsoft, to propel the development of the .NET core project open sourced in 2014.

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For more information, read the Linux Foundation’s post.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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