TikTok Denies Being Hacked, Calls It An “Incorrect Claim”

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TikTok hacked news is all over the internet. We covered a story where a Twitter user made claims about accessing and downloading the database which belonged to TikTok. In addition, they made a series of tweets describing how the data on Alibaba servers were poorly secured. The group also shared screenshots of the database entries and claimed that the total number of downloaded entries passed the 2 billion mark.

However, TikTok reached out to a bunch of publishers and claimed that the company wasn’t hacked. The data and images shared on Twitter and forums weren’t part of the app’s source code.

TikTok hacked: The details so far

AgainstTheWest group shared several images on Twitter. Beehive Security also validated their claims that the data indeed belonged to TikTok. But TikTok’s statement denies claims of the servers being hacked at all. It is confusing because some claim that the data contains user data and that the breach is real. Others say that it’s a mixed bag and verifying the news of TikTok hacked would take more time.

TikTok claimed that the data doesn’t belong to TikTok or WeChat. It highlighted that they have adequate security safeguards to prevent data scraping. Moreover, the code was never merged with the WeChat code, so the news of the TikTok hack is just a big lie. Independent security researchers also shared their conclusions on the hack.

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Bob Diachenko claimed that the breach was indeed a reality. But it would take longer to find out the origin of the data, and there may have been a third party involved in the matter. Overall, it is a mixed bag of opinions, some claiming it to be true while others seeking more information on the matter.

However, if you have a TikTok account, it is best to secure it now. Replace the old, easy-to-remember password for the app and change it to something complex and difficult to break. Or you can use a password manager to do the same for you. While you are at it, enable two-factor authentication for additional security.

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