Microsoft Teams Down: Outlook And Office 365 Also Hit

"Microsoft Teams Down: Outlook And Office 365 Also Hit "
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Users are facing connectivity issues on Microsoft Teams. According to Downdetector, multiple people are facing real-time outages in Microsoft Teams, and Office 365 also seems to have taken a hit.

Company employees are facing the most difficulty here. Users, especially the ones working in corporate, have taken the matter to Twitter. Although Microsoft has acknowledged the problem, a resolution is yet to come.

Why is Microsoft Teams down?

"Microsoft Teams Down: Outlook And Office 365 Also Hit "
Image: Downdetector

Services like Microsoft Teams and office 365 are currently down. It is constantly being reported on a website known as Downdetector. It tracks problems and outages of multiple online services. And as per the website, the outages started at around 6.30 am and haven’t been resolved at the time of writing.

Although the Microsoft server has taken a hit, 90% of the users reported difficulties with the Teams app. Some users face difficulties signing in, while others have problems accessing the admin center.

However, the issue has been acknowledged by Microsoft, and they are working to resolve it. Microsoft almost instantly accessed the problem and made a tweet. “We’ve received reports of users being unable to access Microsoft Teams or leverage any features. We’re investigating the issue, and further updates can be found in your Service Health Dashboard via TM402718,” wrote the company.

After further assessment, Microsoft figured out the cause of the outages. According to the company, “a recent deployment contained a broken connection to an internal storage service, which has resulted in impact.

Microsoft is now working to direct traffic to a healthy service to mitigate the impact as much as possible. Services with Teams integration, such as Microsoft Word, Office Online, and SharePoint Online, will be getting updates. And you can access it via the admin center.

Although the problems haven’t been resolved, they are getting better every minute. Microsoft is hard at work resolving all issues. “We’re continuing our efforts to implement relief within the environment,” the company wrote.

Are you still facing outages on Microsoft Teams? Are you able to install the updates? comment down below.

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