Microsoft Offers AI And Beginner Software Development Course For Free

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Microsoft Online Courses

Microsoft has added two new courses to its online Professional Program: Artificial Intelligence and an entry-level Software Development Course. These courses are aimed at helping developers seeking to enhance their AI and software development capabilities.

Microsoft had developed these courses for its own employees, but now anybody can enroll themselves. The courses are available for free on and you can choose to pay for a certificate.

Each of the courses in the program takes about 8-16 hours to complete, rounding up to 160 hours until completion, along with a final project.

Learners have three months to finish each separate course and all the courses are offered at the beginning of each quarter. The final project runs over a span of six weeks and is also offered four times per year.

The AI track will cover topics such as manipulating data with Python, principles of machine learning, deep learning neural networks, applied AI techniques, etc.

The software learning curricula are more web-focused with Python and JavaScript. It also covers the fundamentals of problem-solving as well as programming in multiple languages.

Microsoft stated that these online programs will provide “job-ready skills in technical domains of the greatest demand” to engineers and others aiming to enhance their abilities.

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