Microsoft To Finally Make “Windows 10 On ARM” PCs Useful With 64-bit App Support


Last year in December, Microsoft launched “Windows 10 on ARM” to bring features like extra-long battery life and “Always Connected Devices.” To make this a reality, the company partnered with Qualcomm, Asus, HP, etc. to create and ship a new category of devices.

However, as the expert reviews have pointed out, one of the biggest and most obvious limitations of these PCs remains that they can’t run 64-bit applications. However, Microsoft is planning to bring some changes, and for the first time, we’ve heard something solid.

Talking to Engadget, Windows GM Erin Chappie announced that the company will unveil an SDK for ARM 64-bit apps at the upcoming Microsoft Build Developer Conference in May.

The developers will be able to use the ARM SDK for .exe (desktop) as well as Store (UWP) versions of apps. It remains to be seen if developers would feel enticed enough to support Microsoft’s vision and write apps for PCs with ARM chips inside.

At the moment, we can’t comment on the public availability of SDK as well as the applications ready to run on such devices. However, such a step from Microsoft is undoubtedly welcome, and it’ll help Windows on ARM devices to gain more traction. Maybe it would fill the x86 64-bit app support void for Windows 10 on ARM.

What are your views on this development in Windows world? Share your views this via the comments section below.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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