Freevolt Creates ‘Free Perpetual Power’ Out of Thin Air

Freevolt Drayson technologies
Freevolt Drayson technologies

Freevolt-Drayson-technologiesShort Bytes: Drayson Technologies has created world’s first commercially available technology Freevolt, that could create useful perpetual power out of Radio Frequency waves from the surroundings.

Isn’t this the dream! Getting everything for free. Well, now we might have something like that in reality as well. With this latest development, you can power your low energy electronic devices for free and for a very very long time.

Freevolt is the technology that could absorb energy from the radio waves and convert it into useful and long lasting powering source. And since we are not going to run out of these electromagnetic radiations anytime soon, this technology might just be a brilliant piece of innovation.

Now, this is not the first attempt at creating a technology of such sort but efforts had been going on since many years on this front. Interestingly, there is an app that helps you see all the wireless signals flying around you.

The product of the Drayson Technologies, however, is the first commercially available technology of such kind that aims to cut out our energy dependence on the conventional sources. The Freevolt system has a multi-band antenna that extracts energy from the surrounding within 0.5- 5 Ghz range and transmits it through an “ultra-efficient” rectifier which converts this RF energy into usable DC energy. The DC energy is stored in a power management module for later use.

The available Freevolt system can produce about 100 μW in a location flooded with RF energy. Now, this energy might sound too low for your regular electronics, but it can power the sensor based system of your home, like a smoke alarm or a low power security cam.

But, this is just a start. If we are able to harvest the energy from the electromagnetic spectrum, with the ever advancing technology, it shouldn’t be a problem to amplify it to create a substantial power system.

Drayson is now working on flexible models of Freevolt to widen  scope beyond sensors and for that the company is sharing its patents and ready to offer technical assistance to its takers. Drayson has also developed CleanSpace, an air pollution monitor that exclusively works on Freevolt.

CleanSpace keeps tabs on the air quality specifically carbon monoxide and feedbacks the data to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The app gives you points in the form of CleanMiles feature that encourages users to develop a healthy lifestyle by walking and cycling. To appreciate your efforts towards reducing pollution, Drayson allows you to exchange these earned CleanMiles for gifts by its partners like Amazon.

The CleanSpace Tag, however, is available in the UK for now through a crowdfunding campaign. You can get your own Freevolt system with CleanSpace for £55.

As for our opinion, the technology seems quite promising and if escalated to bigger proportions, it could somewhat be an immediate solution.

Source: Drayson Freevolt

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