Elon Musk: Tesla Is Actually Building A Flying Car

tesla flying car

On various occasions, Elon Musk has shared his vision of future transformation or technology that could revolutionize the world. Once again, he is back on Twitter, claiming that Tesla will build a flying car by 2022.

When Musk tweeted that the upcoming Tesla Roadster would fly like the DeLorean from Back To The Future 2, a lot of people were excited and a few were skeptical as well.

Marques Brownlee was among the ones who wondered if Musk was joking. To which, Musk pointed out quickly that he wasn’t joking and further explained how he would pull off the levitating Roadster trick.

He threw in details like how small SpaceX air thrusters would be used to essentially turn a Tesla Roadster into a hovercraft or something even stronger with a higher vertical range.

But this isn’t the first time when Elon Musk has revealed his plans about a flying Roadster. Back in June 2018, he tweeted that the flying car would pack “10 small rocket thrusters” as a part of the “Space X option package.”

He also claimed they will “dramatically improve acceleration” and perhaps even “allow a Tesla to fly.” However, the SpaceX option would replace the back seating with extra parts to convert the Tesla into a hovercraft.

If Musk actually meets his own deadline this time (which has no guarantee), we could see a flying or at least hovering Roadster next year!

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