Microsoft Showcases A Redesigned Photos App For Windows 11

windows 11 photos app

The Photos app on Windows 10 has been going through a lot, and it definitely needed a change. Thankfully, Windows 11 is getting a new and revamped Photos app. Moreover, the Photos app is part of the core Windows experience since it’s the default software for viewing photos.

Microsoft’s Panos Panay is at it yet again. The new Photos app was again revealed by Panay in a tweet that gives us a glimpse of the new Photos app. Panay decided to reveal yet another system app refresh ahead of Windows 11 official release.

It’s not just the Photos app

The Photos app is now getting a redesign, joining the new MS Paint and Snipping Tool. According to the video showing off the new Photos application, it seems that it’s finally getting some much-needed features that would help in organizing photos better.

Ironically, the Windows “Photos” application has had the “Video Editor” functionality for quite a while. Likewise, Microsoft has decided to keep the video editing functionality inside the “Photos” app. The app’s overall design consists of five sections: Collection, Albums, People, Folders, and Video Editor. You can choose any given photo to open in another section.

Furthermore, all the options are now at the center inside a floating toolbox rather than spreading across the entire top bar. It also has an all-new file info panel. You can easily ass descriptions, view the photo’s geolocation (if any), and more. The UX’s overall design matches the Windows 11 aesthetic and makes it convenient to use the app.

Coming to a major UI change, you can now view all the photos in the bottom navigation bar, similar to other OEMs such as Apple. From there, you can even select multiple photos to initiate batch actions. Above all, you can even view multiple photos at once.

As for the release, we expect to see the new Photos app in the final release of Windows 11 on October 5. Since Microsoft didn’t release the previously unveiled Paint app, it’s only fair to assume that these additions will come with a stable Windows 11 release.

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