Microsoft Is Giving 8 Months Of Xbox Game Pass Subscription For Free

Microsoft Is Giving 8 Months Of Xbox Game Pass Subscription Free
Image: Microsoft

What comes as great news for gamers is that subscribers of Xbox Game Pass are now getting 8 months of subscription for free. The offer is not for everyone but for Xbox Game Pass subscribers in India, who’ll be getting an additional 7 months of Xbox Game Pass free subscription.

The offer comes in view of the new mandates by RBI. Newly added requirements by the Reserve Bank of India to process recurring transactions via RBI-E mandate. To make a smoother transition towards the newly revised payment changes, Microsoft has added an offer. At the same time, the revised payment guidelines from RBI aim to strengthen the security and safety of the said transactions.

Free 8 month Xbox Game Pass sub; here’s Microsoft’s take

Meanwhile, Microsoft said, “We at Microsoft are updating our payment systems to enable recurring payments in accordance with these requirements. In the meantime, to help avoid disruption, we have added 8-months of Xbox Game Pass ultimate to your account at no additional charge, so you don’t have to worry about making recurring payments during this time and can enjoy playing games.”

In addition, if you’re a new Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you can get 7 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate free after signing up and paying for one month on any tier of the Xbox Game Pass subscription. For users planning on buying a new subscription to Xbox Game Pass, this is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

Moreover, for those in turmoil about whether or not to get an Xbox Game Pass subscription, do read our review of the Xbox Game Pass to help you decide better. Talking about the prices, Xbox Game Pass for PC costs ₹489 per month; similarly, the console version’s price is capped at ₹489; and lastly, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which covers both PC and Console, costs ₹699 per month. Given Xbox Game Pass has some exciting games in its library, with major video game additions every month and day one access, the Xbox Game Pass is not the one to easily pass on, especially with the free 8 months offer.

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