Microsoft Is Adding A New Feedback Portal Later This Year

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Microsoft is adding an all-new Feedback Portal for those who want to share their opinions. Users will be able to provide feedback to Microsoft on a modern and better form factor. Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced its UserVoice forums without a heads-up.

The news was provided by Carl Knecht’s tweet regarding the same. Likewise, a new mechanism, called the Feedback Portal, will enter preview at the end of 2021. Feedback Portal is coming to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Edge and will have Windows support by next year.

Another way to provide feedback?

As per Kencht’s revelation, Microsoft published information on October 6 about a new Microsoft Feedback Portal that will be available in preview form before this year ends. The admin portal’s entry reveals Microsoft’s Feedback Portal will first arrive at Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Edge. Support for Windows and other products “will be added next year.”

The Feedback Portal is a probable replacement for the UserVoice forums that Microsoft booted off earlier. It will allow users to submit feedback, upvote, and comment on feedback posts that will also receive updates from Microsoft. The tech giant says the new mechanism houses its Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

However, the new Portal might seem familiar, as it’s just like Microsoft’s other feedback mechanisms that already exist. It’s possible that Redmond makes a universal Feedback mechanism supported by all of its platforms. For now, it’s just an addition to the already existing Feedback Hub on Windows 10, and we don’t know what the company will decide to do with it.

While the tech giant hasn’t provided an exact date and time for the rollout of the Feedback mechanism, we can expect to see its face-first later this year. However, the initial phase of the new Feedback Mechanism will only come in the English language, followed by other languages later.

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