Iron Man vs. Hulk and The Avengers : Age of Ultron


Couple of week ago when Joss Whedon hosted Marvel’s panel for stage of Hall H at San Diego Comicon, he knew the anticipation of what he was going to offer the fans. The footage showed Tony Stark’s (Iron Man) Hulkbuster armour against Dr. Bruce Banner at his angriest. Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. revealed during an interview with MTV that the Hulkbuster fight scene will be a physical and emotional one.

A lot of other concept art from the upcoming summer blockbuster was also shared by Marvel’s twitter handler. These included Captain America’s broken shield, another picture had Iron Man”s Hulkbuster Suit’s arm coming out of some metal and another picture with all the characters along with the Ultron.

Iron Man’s Hulkbuster fist busting through some metal (Courtsey: Twitter @Marvel )
Captain’s broken shield (Courtsey: Twitter @Marvel )
Avenger’s Concept Art (Courtsey: )

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