Xbox Game Pass September 2021: All Games Coming To & Leaving Store

Xbox Game Pass September 2021 All Games Coming To & Leaving Store
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It’s September, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers are about to get a whole new bunch of games. And while some fantastic games are arriving on the Xbox Game Pass this September, some of the games are bound to leave. Notably, this month’s Xbox Game Pass games are some of the big ones.

In this list, we’ve added every game coming to Xbox’s game subscription service, including those leaving the store. So, stick to the end to find out.

Games coming to Xbox Game Pass

Xbox game pass games
Image: Xbox
September 2ndCraftopiaPC, Xbox, Xcloud
September 2ndFinal Fantasy XIIPC, Xbox
September 2ndSigns of the SojournerPC, Xbox, Xcloud
September 2ndSurgeon Simulator 2PC, Xbox, Xcloud
September 7thCrown TrickPC, Xbox
September 9thBreathedgePC, Xbox, Xcloud
September 9thNuclear ThronePC, Xbox
September 9thThe Artful EscapePC, Xbox

Let’s start with the games coming on September 2nd, Craftopia. An open-world action survival game with a blend of the hack, slash, and building genre will be available to play across PC, Xbox, and Xcloud. Teaming with Craftopia is the notable RPG Final Fantasy XIII, which is coming for PC, Xbox.

Added to the list of Xbox Game Pass games on September 2nd are games Signs of the Sojourner, which is coming for PC, Xbox, and Xcloud. In addition, a peculiar game, Surgeon Simulator 2, will join the list and will be playable across PC, Xbox, and Xcloud.

Moving on to September 7th, Xbox Game Pass will get the adventure role-playing roguelike Crown Trick filled with monsters and traps in the dungeon crawler for PC and Xbox. Additionally, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get their hands on a retrofuturism-inspired game, Breathedge, on September 9th. An outer space survival adventure game with soviet aesthetics will be available for PC, Xbox, and Xcloud.

Adding to the list of games on the Xbox Store on September 9th is another roguelike game called Nuclear Throne. A post-apocalyptic shooter, Nuclear Throne, will be available to play on PC and Xbox. Finally, a psychedelic guitar game called The Artful Escape will be available for PC and Xbox on September 9th.

Games leaving Xbox Game Pass in September

Now that we know about the games coming to Xbox Game Pass in September 2021. Let’s take a look at all the games leaving the Xbox store. First off, Red Dead Online will leave the store come September 13th. Furthermore, the Company of Heroes will be taken off the Xbox Game Pass on September 15th. In addition, Disgaea 4, Forza Motorsport 7, Hotshot Racing, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales will leave the Xbox store on September 15th.

So there you have it, a brief list of every game coming to and leaving the Xbox Game Pass in September. For the uninitiated, Microsoft Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service for Xbox consoles and PC offering first-day access to most newly released games. If you’re wondering if you should get an Xbox Game Pass, you read our review and decide for yourself.

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