Facebook Reveals Its Love For Sharing Your Data: These “Privileged” Firms Had Access To Deep Data

Facebook reveals 52 firms had access to deep data

Every day, Facebook comes up with new revelations denoting how much the company loves sharing our private data wrapping it in two words — “connecting communities.” Apparently, every action they took without the user consent was in the best interest of the whole community.

In another disclosure, Facebook has handed a 747-page document to the US House of Representatives’ Energy and Commerce Committee on Friday, admitting that it granted special access to 52 companies with users data.

The document, now made public, involved answers of more than 2000 questions the company received from US lawmakers, including the ones which were asked during the testimony.

Some big names in the list included in the document are Acer, Airtel, TCL, Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Blackberry, Dell, Docomo, HTC, Kodak, as well as the Chinese company Alibaba, for some reason.

In the document, Facebook also lists out 61 developers to whom it granted users’ friend data. Those included some dating apps, chat apps, games, news aggregators, etc. Some firms mentioned in the document were already revealed by a report from The Wall Street Journal back in June.

Facebook says these partners were given special data access via some API agreements which it termed as “integration partnerships.” The company has ended at least 38 agreements out of 52 and is continuing to do so. But there are certain exceptions like Amazon, Apple, and Tobii, which will continue their partnership with Facebook

In the wake of Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Facebook has also rolled out API restrictions  to “better protect people information.”

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