Microsoft Edge For Linux ‘Spotted’ At Build 2020 Virtual Event

Microsoft Edge Chromium for Linux Spotted

To please its Linux userbase, Microsoft has announced some long-awaited WSL features and improvements at the BUILD 2020 virtual event. But there is more to it: some eagle-eyed users managed to spot Microsoft engineers using an unreleased version of Edge Chromium for Linux.

Microsoft first revealed its intentions to develop a Linux version of its browser back in 2019 when it asked developers what they want from a web browser. Also, it has previously confirmed that Edge for Linux is in development.

At Build, the company has made a bunch of new announcements regarding Edge Chromium, but surprisingly, none of them include information on the Linux flavor of its web browser. But, at least, now we know that Edge for Linux exists in reality and will land on people’s machines sooner or later. Also, this is the first time it has made a public appearance.

After failing with Internet Explorer and Legacy Edge, the Chromium-based Edge browser released earlier this year is Microsoft’s latest attempt at winning the market. That’s why it’s leaving no stone unturned and putting its browser on every OS it can.

With that said, leaving Linux out of the picture is the last thing Redmond could ever imagine. However, there are mixed reviews regarding the web browser, with some people calling Edge ‘just another skin’ on top of Chromium.

The list of platforms also includes the good-old Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, which couldn’t leverage the older Edge browser due to technical limitations. For those who don’t know, Microsoft will update Edge Chromium for Windows 7 until next year, although it has ended security updates for the old operating system.

Speaking of new Edge features, Microsoft has enabled Pinterest integration for Collections. This allows users to export their Collections data directly to their Pinterest account.

Also, there is a new side-bar search option that helps users find things without leaving a webpage. These features will be available in Edge Insider channels in the coming weeks.

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