18-year-old Teenager Dies While Unplugging His Phone At Internet Cafe

internet cafe teenager death
internet cafe teenager death
The internet cafe where the incident took place
The internet cafe where the incident took place

Short Bytes: Xiong Xuan, a resident of Wuhan, China, died last week while unplugging his phone from the charging at an internet cafe. The doctors pronounced the cause of death to be the electrical injury. The license of the internet cafe is cancelled and the investigation is going on.

In an unfortunate incident, an 18-year-old teenager from China met with an untimely death while unplugging his charging mobile phone from a computer at an internet cafe.

This incident took place in Wuhan, China. Xiong Xuan was a regular internet user at the local cafe and he worked as a factory worker at a garment factory, according to his brother Xiong Feng.

This incident took place last week on April 15 when Xiong visited the internet cafe after finishing his shift at work. His elder brother Feng was also present at the scene.

Feng said: “He let out a shout when he pulled on the cable and then his foot made contact with the steel legs of the table.”

Feng told the local reporters that his brother was seated at his usual seat and after being done with his computer work, he reached to unplug the charging cable when this incident took place.

The elder brother also recalls that his brother started foaming at the mouth and fainted. Sadly, nobody at the internet cafe came to help him. “He was obviously hurt, but none of the staff helped,” he told local reporters.

Later Feng called his uncle and took his unconscious brother to nearby Panlongcheng People’s Hospital.

Xiong Xuan was pronounced dead after 20 minutes by the doctors who called it an electrical injury.

For now, the license of the internet cafe has been suspended and investigations are underway.

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