Listen To the Exclusive Earth Sounds NASA Sent for Aliens – The Golden Record

the golden record nasa
the golden record nasa

the-golden-record-nasaShort Bytes : NASA launched Voyager space mission in 1977 to search for the aliens along with the Golden Record. The record had the Earth sounds inside it meant for the ETs to let them know about us. Now, NASA has posted a high-quality version of the Golden Record online.

Another month has come to an end and it was pretty good for most of the spheres of science and tech. While, the Internet was flooded with Windows 10, hacking news, and Artificial Intelligence – another thing that hogged the limelight like never before, was the successful space explorations and the search for Extra Terrestrials aka Aliens.

Physicist Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner had recently announced a $100 million project to fund SETI and look out for aliens. NASA had been searching for the alien life since a long time. But, how would they communicate with them and tell them about us? In 1977, NASA launched Voyager spacecraft for an expedition and with it a collection of sounds to greet the guests- if we met any.

NASA calls it the Golden Record and has uploaded it on Soundcloud. The Golden Record has the sounds of Earth so as to let the ETs know that we are a planet of substance and not just another magma upwelling, or an icy sphere.


Those sounds were put on web, but were in poor quality and resembled mere noises. NASA had finally put the high-quality Golden Record online. Though you would be familiar to the Earth sounds, you can give it a try and know what those aliens out there would perceive about this planet.

We don’t know if our voice on the Golden Record has been heard, but getting a reply would be a thousand times more exciting than this.

The Golden Record – NASA

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