YouTube TV Rolling Out 5.1 Audio Across Google TV, Android TV, And More

YouTube Rolling Out 5.1 Audio Across Google TV, Android TV, And More
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YouTube TV is finally adding the support for 5.1 surround sound to Android and Google TV, as well as Roku devices. This was initially seen in February, with YouTube TV announcing in March that it was in active testing.

Surround sound has only been available on Cast-based Chromecasts and “Samsung + LG + Vizio devices with Cobalt 20 or higher” over the past year. The Google TV, Android TV, and Roku 5.1 audio expansion is “rolling out this week.”

A compatible speaker system is also required, with YouTube TV automatically playing in surround sound if available. you can manually examine a program’s audio details In the “Stats for nerds” menu.

YouTube TV will now have improved sound quality

YouTube Rolling Out 5.1 Audio Across Google TV, Android TV, And More
Image: Youtube

Firstly, YouTube TV made an announcement regarding this on its Twitter handle. The tweet said that they are now expanding on the 5.1 channel audio experience on its streaming platform. Particularly those running on different devices.

It will now work on Google TV via the Chromecast device, the Roku, and its Fire technology. It will also be coming to Android TV that can get its updates on the air. The audio experience will run independently of the YouTube TV experience.

However, The streams will aid in providing more of what the public requires. Since It will sport crisper audio with distinct sound stages for spectacular effects. According to Dolby, a 5.1 channel has a lot of benefits; as it is a surround sound system that specializes in presenting fresh sound to everyone.

Further ahead YouTube TV is “still working internally and with partners to enable 5.1 on Apple TV, Fire TV, and game consoles”. However, that has been left unchanged from the March progress update. In the announcement tweet, Google links to this support article for more details. The full “compatible TV device” list is now:

  • Samsung + LG + Vizio devices with Cobalt 20 or above
  • Traditional Chromecasts
  • Android TV
  • Google TV
  • Roku

YouTube TV features have become quite massive adverse recently. Google has made sure to bring a quality experience for its users; as it is one streaming platform that will guarantee a multimedia setup. YouTube TV recently launched a new feature that lets users comment on the app via phone.

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