Jumbo iOS App Is A Gift From Heaven For Your Privacy

Jumbo iOS App

According to Pierre Valade, founder of the Jumbo iOS app, social media websites rely on user data for their profit. It can lead to websites showing you a particular ad or a full-blown Cambridge Analytica type scenario.

But my fellow privacy lovers, fear not, the new Jumbo iOS app is here to keep your privacy intact.

What is Jumbo iOS App?

Jumbo iOS App Features

Jumbo is a full-fledged privacy assistant app designed for everything from deleting your old tweets to adjusting who can see your future posts.

The app is currently available on iOS and removes user data from almost every social media platform including Google, Amazon Alexa, Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Jumbo gives users total privacy control on Facebook. The app logs you in via a mini-browser recognizable by Facebook using your user name and password.

Once logged in, Jumbo can adjust close to 30 privacy settings via one click from the user. This includes preventing Facebook from recognizing you in photos, to stopping others from finding you using your phone number.

For easy use, Jumbo offers a slider to adjust the intensity of privacy settings. ‘Strong’ means the user will have all privacy settings ON- only your close friends will be able to find you. ‘Medium’ refers to moderate privacy – friends of friends can see you. While ‘Weak’ means no privacy at all.

Once the user selects a particular privacy level, the app keeps it that way until it’s changed again manually.

The Jumbo iOS app can change privacy settings within several Facebook settings including:

  • Edit my Profile
  • Face recognition
  • Ads Settings
  • Ads preferences
  • Timeline and Tagging

You can read the entire capabilities of the Jumbo iOS App here.

On Twitter, Jumbo gives you the option to delete your old tweets automatically based on the time frame. The app can delete your daily, weekly, or monthly tweets while keeping them stored locally on your phone. However, Jumbo can only delete 3,200 tweets every few days due to Twitter’s API limitations.

Furthermore, Jumbo is rumored to delete chat data and previous matches on Tinder and old photos from Instagram. On Amazon Alexa, the app deletes users’ voice recordings.

Please note that as of writing this article, clean-up options for Instagram and Tinder are currently in the works.

The app has a ton of privacy features which you can explore by visiting Jumbo’s official blog post.

Free Yourself

Jumbo iOS App Download

The best part about Jumbo is that it does all the privacy control locally on the users’ phone. There is no server-side storage on which users information can be stored.

For example, while cleaning up Twitter, Jumbo keeps a copy of your old tweets in your local storage. These tweets can be accessed anytime through the Jumbo app.

Currently there is no way to export these files, however, iCloud integration is coming soon for the Jumbo iOS app.

Apps like Facebook are regularly in the news for getting caught stealing user data. On the other hand, the governments across the world have not yet caught up with the latest technology to develop a law to protect its citizens.

Countries like the UK and the European Union are taking a stand against the tech giants with the upcoming Article 11 and 13 and with several other legislation. Although the UK is set to leave the EU sometime next month, it is unlikely that the old empire would abandon the union’s regulations.

While Mark Zuckerberg often publishes newsroom posts to show his support for honest local journalism, which his company actually destroyed, his promise still remains shallow and haunted by his numerous past mistakes.

Among the chaos, apps like Jumbo is a sign of fresh air, according to Valade, after cleaning up his online history he feels very ‘light.’

Facebook already has privacy settings inbuilt in its app, but it knows that most users don’t have time to go through each one of them.

Instead, the Jumbo iOS app does the same for two reasons. First, Facebook has no API, so Jumbo goes through each option with the help of a script. Second, to save the user some time.

Social media sites are too reluctant to change their business model even if it means real-world harm. Thus there is a good chance that Facebook and Twitter might see Jumbo as a threat to their bottom line.

If they do, it’s only a matter of time when the might of the tech giants start coming down on Jumbo.

There are other privacy apps, but none of them are as seamless and effective as the Jumbo. It is super easy to use, works for every social media platform, and most importantly is transparent.

It’s almost too ideal for the current digital age.

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