With A Jet Engine On Its Back, This Is The World’s Fastest Volkswagen Truck

oklahoma willy
Image: YouTube / VeeDubRacing

A quote from the Greek philosopher Aristotle goes, “No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” Perry Watkins, a custom car modder from Milwaukee, U.S., seems to be a living, breathing representation of this thought. As a matter of fact, he has built a monstrous jet engine into a meek Volkswagen Camper and named it “Oklahoma Willy.”

Courtesy of the sheer power of its engine, the Oklahoma Willy is the fastest Volkswagen truck out there. Moreover, its fancy jet engine even shoots fire out of it, giving a theatrical edge to the uncanny vehicle’s appeal.

Things as incredible as the jet-powered Willy are best understood by seeing it in action. Here’s a clip that shows the modified Volkswagen ride wowing the onlookers.

Oklahoma Willy: A pickup unlike any other

According to creator Perry Watkins, he came up with this off-beat yet fascinating idea of putting together a car and a jet engine at a British pub one night. Soon, he purchased a Rolls Royce Viper 535 engine and renovated it for the next two years. After successfully polishing the jet engine, he bought a 1958 Volkswagen Type 2 on which he worked for another three years. Gradually, the vehicle we know now as Oklahoma Willy took shape.

Coming to the pickup truck itself, the rocket-powered beast is capable of reaching up to 300mph (483kmph). This becomes achievable thanks to its 5000bhp jet engine at the back. Interestingly, the vehicle is also legal on public streets as long as its original truck engine is in use.

oklahoma willy at a show
Oklahoma Willy at an exhibition in Essen, Germany. (Image: oklahomawilly.co.uk)

Furthermore, the name “Oklahoma Willy” comes from the history of the Volkswagen vehicle used for this. Before Watkins bought this truck and modded it, it spent most of its time on a farm owned by a peasant named Whiley.

For someone who says he doesn’t like doing what has been done before, this is far from surprising. However, the way Watkins has successfully executed a wild thought he had once is remarkable. He displays his feat of genius throughout the year at various conventions such as Sywell Classic, Nitrolympix, etc.

Besides this jet-boosted pickup, Perry has also created other unique vehicles, including a low-height Batmobile, a toilet on wheels, and a robot-like vehicle. If you’re into more wacky inventions, check out these unique bicycles that are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

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