Google’s Wing Beats Amazon By Introducing Drone Delivery Service

wing drone delivery

Google’s parent company Alphabet-owned Wing has introduced a delivery service via drone in Canberra, Australia after it got approved from Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

The air delivery service will be able to deliver products such as fresh food, hot coffee or over-the-counter chemist items to users in minutes.

To get the products, users will be required to order stuff via Wing’s app and the order will be delivered to users’ doorsteps via drones.

The service has collaborated with a couple of local businesses such as Kickstart Expresso, Capital Chemist, Pure Gelato, Jasper + Myrtle, Bakers Delight, Guzman Y Gomez, and Drummond Golf.

Wing’s service has seen around 3,000 deliveries to households for 18 months.

The drone-delivery venture owned by Wing has allowed Google to defeat Amazon, which had claimed that it would ready its drone delivery service by 2018. However, it failed to do so as of now.

The drone-delivery service, which has been a part of the pilot program since 2014, is currently available to a limited number of users and will eventually expand to more people and places.

Furthermore, it is suggested that Wing will continue to work with local policymakers, regulators and more to further enhance the service.

Deliveries of day-to-day products via drones are another step towards commercializing drones and popularizing the tech that seems to have got lost in the wild.

However, the drones could be dangerous and the whole delivery process could be a hassle.

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