Watch How Efficient A Tesla Model Y Is On A 1000 Miles Run In Mountains


Here we will see how the efficiency of Tesla Model Y variates as it covers more than 1000 miles and goes through the mountains, plains, and colder regions. What we see on the website is the best battery range for the cars that are obtained in the optimized conditions. However, the real-world battery range is always different.

YouTube channel i1Tesla carried out a 1000 mile ride in a Tesla Model Y and tested its battery efficiency along the way. Brian, the owner of the channel, was well aware of the fact that during this pandemic, going out isn’t the best thing. But he explained in the video why the ride was unavoidable. Furthermore, he took all the necessary precautions.

Efficiency Of Tesla Model Y After 1000 Miles

So the Youtuber had a Tesla Model Y Performance for the trip. He went from his home in North Carolina to Ohio, a 500-mile distance, and then came back to his home. In total, it was a 1000 mile journey divided into two trips.

Let’s talk about the first half of the trip.

Trip A

Since it was a long trip, Brian decided to have three stops for supercharging. At the first stop, the electric car traveled 110 miles with 38kWh of battery consumption, at a rate of 342 Wh per mile, which is quite high. However, the area covered mostly included mountains and inclined roads, which had an impact on consumption.

After that, at the second stop, the efficiency was 88% with a 316 Wh per mile consumption rate. Efficiency figures were given as by the Tezlab app.

Tesla Model Y 1000 mile (1)

As the car approached Ohio, it was expected that efficiency would further improve as it was the start of the plane region and the end of the mountains. However, as compared to the second stop, the efficiency further decreased to 76%. Though the high slope roads were gone, the temperature dropped from 67 Fahrenheit to 27 Fahrenheit as the Model Y approached Ohio.

At the end of Trip A, the Model Y covered 512 miles and consumed 169 kWh with an average rate of 329 Wh per mile.

Trip B

The homecoming trip started the next morning. Everything was pretty much the same except for the layers of snow settled on the body of Model Y. Due to the heavy snow, Brian assumed that maybe now the car would consume more battery power. However, the results were quite surprising.

At the end of the trip, while coming back from Ohio, the Model Y covered a total distance of 513.4 miles, and the total consumption was 168 kW with a rate of 328 Wh per mile. Despite the car being covered in snow, the second trip was more efficient.

What Exactly Happened Here?

We know that Tesla’s latest electric car, the Tesla Model Y, has an upgraded component, the Heat Pump. According to the company, it has the capacity to improve overall efficiency. However, according to another YouTube channel who did the heat pump efficiency test against Model S, the Model Y turned out to be less efficient.

However, the test was conducted while both the cars were in an idle state. Furthermore, as per most of the experts, the Heat Pump works well when the vehicle is moving.

As of now, it’s quite clear that indeed the Heat Pump in Model Y is efficient, but only when the car is moving.

Shaheer Anwar

Shaheer Anwar

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