Man Buys 10 Broken Apple iPhone X And Fixes Them To Perfection

Broken Apple iPhone X

Watching a broken Apple iPhone X getting repaired is always a delight. We recently informed you about how Jerry, from Jerryrigseverything, found a super cheap way to replace the glass panel of an iPhone X. Well, today, we have another super-repair technician who bought ten utterly broken Apple iPhone X and restored a few of them to near perfection.

Steve Porter, a technician who also runs a YouTube channel called Tronicsfix, specializes in repairing consumer electronics. His most famous video series is the one in which he buys ten broken units of a single product at dirt-cheap prices and tries fixing as many of them as possible.

He has bought and repaired several units of Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, etc. In his latest video, Steve turned his attention towards everybody’s favorite Apple iPhone X.

He bought 10 broken iPhone X for $1,670 from a scrapyard sale in the hope to fix as many of them as possible.

10 Broken Apple iPhones: How Many Will Be Restored

Steve’s video is a delight to watch as he takes us step by step into the internals of each broken iPhone, explaining to us exactly what is broken.

Among the ten broken iPhones, he found varying types of problems. Some of the iPhones were working and only had a damaged body, while the others had a not-so-broken exterior but a messed up logic board.

Steve explains that the hardest ones among the bunch to repair were those that had a software lock. There were also some phones with a damaged logic board, and Steve argued that they could be repaired, but he isn’t an iPhone technician, so he can’t do it.

Steve thoroughly tests each phone for all types of damage and even tries to salvage working parts from one iPhone for another one. I guess it is part of the reason why he chose to buy multiple units of a single product so that he can replace non-working parts from one unit with working ones from another.

I am not going to spoil how many iPhones Steve manages to repair. I’d want you to watch the video and find out yourself.

Apple And Right To Repair

Apple hasn’t always been a supporter of the “Right To Repair” movement. However, recently the tech giant has agreed to replace faulty smart cases for iPhones for free.

Still, Apple has a long way to go when it comes to being transparent about the repair process.

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