Japan’s Currency Tanked To Offer $195 Off On iPhone 13, Here’s What Happened Next

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iPhone 13 base model is among the top-selling smartphones globally. Innovation or not, Apple products register a sharp surge in sales despite having exorbitant prices. But, Apple iPhone 13 has now become cheap in Japan and tourists are buying iPhones like crazy.

This puts Apple in a position it never wants to be in – losing out money and hurting its profit margin. You may be wondering why iPhone 13 demand and sales are skyrocketing in Japan. Well, the short answer to that question is the plummeting value of the Japanese Yen against the dollar.

As per sources, the current value of the Japanese Yen is 135 against the dollar – which is the lowest in the last 24 years. Tourists seem to have realized this massive opportunity and are grabbing iPhones while they can.

Apple’s response to the declining value of the iPhone 13 in Japan

Apple realized that the iPhone was being sold for $195 less than its base price. Tourists get tax rebates in Japan and due to that, the iPhone was selling way cheaper than the company expected it to. As a result, the Apple stores in Japan have stopped offering tax rebates. You would be extremely sad, especially if you were planning to go to Japan. But don’t worry.

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Official Apple stores may have shunned the heavy discount but other sellers are still offering the iPhone 13 at low prices. So, you just have to find an offline or online seller who is offering the iPhone at the same price.

Also, don’t expect the tax rebates to be available for a long time because no seller would want to sell an Apple product at a loss. iPhone 13 is a showstopper globally. Be it Asia or any other continent, the sales are up by a huge margin.

However, iPhone 13 Mini didn’t entice the buyers as much. Apple will drop the iPhone Mini in the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup which seems to have bigger phones only. What do you think about the iPhone Mini? Was it a good decision to kill it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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