Pixel Car Crash Detection To Make Its Way To Android Soon

Car Crash Detection
Image: Google

What makes Google’s Pixel stand out in a saturated smartphone market? Their individuality, hardware, and features. Pixels have a seamless and thin finish, but their exclusive features make them unique.

Stuff like Google Assistant, Daydream support, and worry-free backup with Google photos are among the user favorites. However, what is truly attractive is the car crash detection feature, but it might not remain exclusive for long as it is possibly coming to other Android devices.

Pixel car crash detection feature

9to5Google spotted the feature where parts of the code exclusive to the feature could be made available to users, bringing the car crash detection to other Android phones.

The Pixel uses your device’s location, audio (to listen for the sound in case of a crash), and motion sensors to detect a car crash. This is a hallmark feature of the Personal Safety app, making your smartphone useful in emergencies.

If need be, through this feature, you are automatically connected to emergency services. Not just that, but the personal safety app on the Pixel also alerts users of nearby earthquakes or floods.

According to sources, strings of code found in the latest version of the app show that certain safety features will be making their way to Android devices other than the Pixel lineup.

As Google is preparing to offer these features to non-Pixel handsets, we can see the name ‘Pixel’ be replaced in the string of codes. Alongside car crash detection, users will also get crisis alerts and safety checks.

How will the features be released?

It is unclear how Google would bring over the features to other Android devices. The task will be a handful, as the application needs sensitive permissions to function. The Personal Safety features will possibly be released through Google Play Services, which already has permissions on many Android phones.

Now, we have a lot of Android smartphones on the market. The question remains, which ones will get the facilities? There could be restrictions, like the least Android version requirement, or it could become available on a brand-by-brand basis.

It is great to see Google working to make Pixel’s features available to everyone, especially since they have such up-to-mark life-saving abilities.

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