Uber To Satisfy Your Belly With UberEATS App

ubereats app
ubereats app

uberEATSShort Bytes: After testing their uberEATS service for almost a year, Uber has finally launched a standalone app for their food delivery service with the same name. The uberEATS app currently operates in Toronto only.

Last year Uber came up with their uberEATS in-app feature, to deliver fresh food items to the customers just like they have their rides. Now, they’ve launched a standalone version of the uberEATS app.

Currently, it is available only in Toronto, as the service is quite popular there. Uber has made an attempt to understand the difficulties they might witness in the long run.

Uber has invested lots of effort in order to provide an unmatched food delivery service. A reported investment of $62.5 billion has been made for the project, seriously they do want to rebrand themselves as a technology company, not as a mere cab delivery service.

At Uber, the scale-this-to-the-entire-world button can be pressed very easily, and before we do that, we want to make sure we’re actually solving the problems people have.

– said Jason Droege, Head of Uber Everything, and responsible for all Uber operations except the cab delivery service.

Jessi Hempel writes for Wired,

From concept to launch, the app came together in less than three months. Droege’s team first gathered alongside the local operations team in Toronto for a service design innovation workshop. The day-long brainstorm began with a series of exercises designed to help the group members set aside their preconceptions about meal delivery. “We start by asking, ‘who is our customer, and what do they need?’” said Droege. “Then we say, where is the world going to be a decade from now, and how do we get there?’”

They also conducted customer interviews so that they could get an idea, what the users wanted to eat? A simple answer was anything they could get within minutes. And the fact, they could get rid of the mental workout done while choosing the menu items. This inspired Uber to add an “Instant Delivery” option featuring only five menu items that could be delivered under 10 minutes, and they’re total five not five for every eatery.

For the eaters who have enough time to wait for the regular delivery, have the freedom to order from the full menu provided in the app. There is a “Popular Items” section for every restaurant featuring the most famous items that users can order without giving a second thought.

Now talking about the real deal – when Uber arrived in the ride service space, they didn’t have competitors to give them a sweat. But that’s not the case with food delivery service, there are well-established players like Seamless and Postmates. Uber has their large fleet of taxis, and they can tap their back on that note as they’ll have an upper-hand when it comes to availability of couriers.

Uber still has a long way to go, but their long experience they’ve gathered over years will eventually benefit their uberEATS service.

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