Is It Possible To Watch “Abhay” Season 3 For Free On Zee5?

Is It Possible To Watch "Abhay" Season 3 For Free On Zee5?
Image Credit: Zee5

“Abhay” Season 3 is the latest installment of the popular Hindi language mystery thriller series. Started back in 2019, the series starred Kunal Khemu in his first-ever OTT role, where he plays the fierce police officer SP Abhay Pratap Singh.

After two successes, the show finally returned for a third one on April 8, 2022. You can head on over to Zee5 right now and watch all the episodes of the latest season. But can you watch them for free? You will find the answer to that in this guide.

Watch ‘Abhay’ season 3 for free on Zee5

Is It Possible To Watch "Abhay" Season 3 For Free On Zee5?
Image Credit: Zee5

Sadly, Zee5, the platform on which the series is being released, is not free. You will have to buy a subscription if you want access to its massive catalog. However, there are certain methods to watch its content for free. You can check them out down below –

1. Vi postpaid plan starting at Rs. 499.
2. Vi Redx plan at Rs 1099 per month.
3. Vi prepaid plans at Rs 401.
4. Free with Tata Sky Mobile TV.
5. Free with Times Prime membership.

While talking about big new releases, we have to mention this new film. “Ghani” is a Telugu-language sports drama film starring some big names like Varun Tej and Suniel Shetty. It’s coming to theaters and is looking like a must-watch, so do check it out.

How is ‘Abhay’ season 3?

The series is about SP Abhay Pratap Singh, a brilliant cop who is always one step ahead of the criminals he nabs. Although he is great at his job, he is a single father of a troubled child and is haunted by his past. This forms the crux of the show as the supercop tries to deal with dangerous criminals while dealing with his issues.

Season 3 follows the same routine with Abhay playing Kunal Khemu nabbing the spotlight with his brilliant acting. But this time, we also have Vijay Raaz, who plays a terrifying sociopath and truly challenges both Kunal and Abhay as the dominant force in the series.

That’s all we have for today. How do you think this season holds up compared to the previous ones? Let us know your thoughts and expectations in the comments below.

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