iPhone Explodes In Man’s Hand, Causes Heavy Bleeding — “I Could Have Lost My Hand”

iPhone 7 Blast Lee Hayes main
Image: Peter Powell

Short Bytes: In another iPhone 7 blast incident, England-based 42-year-old Lee Hayes got his right hand seriously injured. He swiped on the screen in order to take a call when his three days old iPhone 7 burst into flames. Hayes has got the device replaced and is thinking about some legal action.

iPhone 8 rumors have started to appear on the internet but iPhone 7 bomb stories aren’t coming to an end. This time, the victim is a 42-year-old man named Lee Hayes whose iPhone 7 burst into flames when he was about to take a call.

“It was on the bench in the kitchen and I heard it ringing. As soon as I touched the screen to answer it the phone just exploded,” said Hayes who had owned the deceased iPhone for only three days.

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“Loads of tiny shards of glass were embedded in my hand and my girlfriend has been picking them out for days,” he added.

“It was a nasty injury – my [right] hand was bleeding quite heavily – but it could have been so much worse. I could have lost my hand.”

iPhone 7 Blast Lee Hayes1
Image: Peter Powell

Hayes, a resident of Southport, Merseyside, got his iPhone 7 replaced from O2 after he complained about the accident, but he wasn’t able to get any compensation. He is also considering to take some legal action.

Apple has declined to make any comment. However, they might do some internal investigation as they did in the case of Brianna Olivas who recorded video of her burning iPhone 7.

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