Report: Facebook Is Launching TV Service In June, Mostly Free


Short Bytes: Facebook is expected to launch a row of small to lengthy TV-like shows on its social networking platform. According to various sources, around two dozens shows of varying length would be released sometime in mid-June. Facebook would be relying on mid-roll ads to earn revenue from the shows.

It’s a little more than a month left until Mark Zuckerberg gives you another reason to spend time on Facebook. According to a report by Business Insider, Facebook is preparing to add TV-like shows to its video tab, around two dozen of them by mid-June.

Sources related to BI said that “the social network has been looking for shows in two distinct tiers: a marquee tier for a few longer, big-budget shows that would feel at home on TV, and a lower tier for shorter, less expensive shows of around 5-10 minutes in length that refreshes every 24 hours.”

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These original shows will range around 5 to 30 minutes in length including high-budget original shows comparable to Netflix’s House of Cards and Scandal.

One of the aspects of this TV show rollout is Facebook wants to attract Snapchat-loving users who are increasing in numbers every next day. For that, the company would be having some teen-centric shows at their disposal.

A VR dating show has been shown green signal by Facebook, according to a source familiar with the matter. The show features people dating in VR before meeting in real-life. Also, it has been known that Facebook is in talks with various Hollywood A-listers to be a part of their original shows.

As far as the monetizing the TV shows are concerned, Facebook is eyeing mid-roll ads in the shows instead of a subscription plan. It would help them rope in more audience which would love to consume free content with some disturbance.

The rumors of Facebook working on TV shows are in existence since December. Last year, the company hired CollegeHumor’s co-founder Ricky Van Veen as the global creative strategy chief. Ricky and team are responsible for harvesting shows for Facebook.

Also, Facebook might be wanting to compete with other players like Amazon, Netflix, etc. In the case of YouTube, they have even launched a live TV streaming service. However, an advantage for Facebook is their two billion crowd of potential video content consumers.

Amid all of this, Facebook is yet to answer one question, why people would want to stick to their video tab. “Facebook hasn’t figured it out,” a source said. “That’s a needle they have to thread,” said another one.

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