Apple Has More Than $250 Billion Cash In Bank Right Now

Apple 250 billion

Short Bytes: With a successful smartphone business model, Apple has made itself the biggest tech company in the world right now, with reports claiming that it has over $250 billion in the bank right now. With that much money, Apple has a lot of safety net that will allow it to make numerous acquisitions as well as invest in other ventures to stay on top of the tech food chain.

If you are associated with Apple in a positive financial capacity, then there is perhaps no greater joy in the world when you hear that the company has more than $250 billion in the bank right now. Its success has been driven primarily due to the numerous amount of sales it gathers through iPhones, while also relying on other products such as iPads, personal computers, etc.

Apple will be announcing its earnings for the second quarter of this year today, with analysts pegging that iPhone growth would have slowed down due to the anticipation of the upcoming feature-enriched iPhone 8. The upcoming phone is expected to receive a design overhaul and numerous rumors pit the phone shipping out with a near bezel-less display, no home button, wireless charging support, and several other upgrades.

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So how exactly did Apple manage to generate a huge amount of liquid capital? According to industry sources, around 93 percent of the company’s cash pile are kept overseas in order to prevent those funds entering the tax umbrella. While critics might conclude that this is an illegal move on the company’s part, it is no surprise that other businesses are following the same pattern to accumulate a huge safety net for the future.

The existence of a huge cash pile can be due to several reasons, ranging from paying a huge dividend to shareholders or relying on future acquisitions to develop new and exciting products to stay at the top of the tech game. Out of several rumors, two of them are extremely interesting and demand your undivided attention.

One of them could be working on a self-driving vehicle as well as an augmented reality-enabled headset that effortlessly syncs with your iPhone. In short, when it comes to the long run and the bigger picture, Apple is here to stay as predicted by Steve Wozniak.

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