Viral Video Shows A Smoking iPhone 7 Plus Melting, Apple Says They’re “Looking Into It”


Short Bytes: Brianna Olivia, a resident of Tucson, Arizona posted a video on Twitter showing smoke coming out of her iPhone 7 Plus. A day before, she took the device to Apple Care after she had trouble turning it on, but the representatives encountered no problem. Apple is aware of the iPhone and the video. They are running tests to know the cause of the incident.

After many reports of iPhone 7 devices bursting into flames, finally, someone has managed to record an incident in a video. Spotted by Mashable, the video shows flames coming out of a melting iPhone 7. It was recorded by the boyfriend of Arizona-based Brianna Olivas who’s the owner of the iPhone 7 Plus Rose.

Olivas told Mashable that she had been using official Apple charger for her iPhone 7 Plus Rose. She had no issues with the device until a few days ago when she started facing problems while turning on the iPhone. She took it to Apple care, but the representatives weren’t able to find any faults.

The incident took the very next day after she visited Apple Care. She said her iPhone was charging in the morning next to her head. Her boyfriend kept it on the dresser. He was about to visit the restroom when saw the iPhone “steaming and heard a squealing noise.” He was quick to throw the phone into the restroom, where the phone blew up and iPhone started releasing smoke.

Apple is investigating the device and problem that may have caused the iPhone 7 to burst into flames. Olivia is in touch with Apple and they might come up with a conclusion in about a week’s time.

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Here is a bonus video:

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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