“Ethical Hacking” Linux Distro Parrot 3.10 Released With New Features — Get It Here

parrot 3.10 hacking os
About 1.5 months after the release of Parrot 3.9 “Intruder,” The Parrot Project has announced the release of Parrot 3.10. Parrot is often seen as the best alternative to Kali Linux, and it continues to improve its reputation by shelling out regular updates.

The latest version, which brings obvious security fixes and updates, comes with many noticeable new features that should please the ethical hacking crowd. The most important and foremost change is the introduction of a full firejail+apparmous sandboxing system.

This new mechanism protects the operating system by isolating the OS components. The first steps were already taken in Parrot 3.9 with the introduction of firejail.

New kernel 4.14, hacking tools updated

The 3.10 release brings the latest Linux kernel 4.14 LTS, which brings improved hardware support for newer and older machines. Another big change comes in the form of new Firefox 57 Quantum web browser that was released to compete with Chrome.

That’s not all. Some of the popular pen-testing tools have also got important updates like Metasploit-framework 4.21. Maltegoe and Casefile were merged into a new launcher provided by Maltego 4.1.

For making the daily chores easier, todo list and planner program, mind map designer, and personal finance management suite have been added. Other important packages with Parrot 3.10 are MATE 1.18 and LibreOffice 5.4.

In case you’re already running a Parrot system, you need to open a terminal window and run the following command:

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

You can also download a fresh ISO image in case you’re up for a fresh install or running a live system. Find the Parrot 3.10 download links here.

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