Arch Linux 2017.05.01 Released | Here’s How To Update And Download


Short Bytes: With the arrival of May, the updated ISO file of Arch Linux has arrived. Arch Linux 2017.05.01 ships with Linux kernel 4.10.13 and contains all the security and other updates release in April. While the new users can download the ISO file, the existing users can perform the update.

Arch Linux is one of the most popular Linux distributions, which is loved by the die-hard Linux fans. While it’s known for being highly customizable, it’s a well-established fact that building an Arch system needs more time and commitment. Back in March, the developers of Arch Linux dropped the 32-bit support and stopped releasing the dual-arch images.

Since then, we are just getting the 64-bit ISO images. That move wasn’t much surprising as nobody’s buying new 32-bit machines and their usage is continuously declining. With the arrival of May, the new ISO images of Arch Linux 2017.05.01 are here.

Before going ahead and telling you about the latest Arch Linux ISO release, don’t forget to take a look at our useful Linux distro lists that’ll help you choose your next distro:

Arch Linux 2017.05.01 available for download

The latest Arch Linux 2017.05.01 release is based on Linux kernel 4.10.13, which ensures better hardware support and newer drivers.

If you’re using Arch Linux from a long time, you might be knowing that each new ISO contains all the security and other updates during the previous month. In that regard, Arch Linux 2017.05.01 isn’t any exception.

Talking about the ISO size, it’s just 481.0 MB big. This means that you don’t have to worry about the space. If you’re going to perform a new installation, choose a lightweight Linux desktop environment, couple it with Arch Linux, and you’re good to go.

You can download Arch Linux 2017.05.01 images by visiting the download page. For performing a fresh installation, the image can be burned to a CD, written to a USB stick using utilities like ‘dd,’ or mounted as an ISO file.

Updating Arch Linux

Most of you who are already using Arch Linux as their primary operating system would be looking for a method to update their systems. With Arch Linux, it’s pretty easy. You simply need to perform the update by running the following command in terminal:

pacman -Syu

So, did you find the latest Arch Linux release interesting? Did you perform the update? Don’t forget to share your views and experiences.

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