Want 1 Million USD? Just Prove That Houseparty Hack Is Legit

Houseparty 1 million USD

Epic Games’ Hosueparty is offering a whopping $1 million to anyone who can prove that the app hacked into user’s other apps accounts.

The video chat app recently gained popularity as people are finding new ways to interact while being stuck at home, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Houseparty registered over two million app downloads last week. However, the app’s popularity is also making it a target for smear campaigns or as it claims.

Two days ago, rumors started circulating on the Internet about the Hosueparty hack. Several Twitter users claimed that their Spotify, PayPal, and other bank accounts had been hacked after downloading the Hosueparty app.

A Twitter user named Megan Cassidy urged people to uninstall the app claiming that it led to hacking bank accounts and other services. While the tweet is now hidden, screenshots of it are circulating in Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms, according to New Statesman.

Another user said, “BOYCOTT HOUSEPARTY, just found out that’s how my Spotify was hacked and how many others are being hacked on various things, disconnect Snapchat and delete the account.”

Epic Games and Houseparty Respond

In response, Epic games first denied the claims, stating that the developers found no evidence to suggest that installing Houseparty led to the hacking of users’ other accounts.

Yesterday, it even released a clarification tweet. However, the developers now believe it’s simply a smear campaign aimed at harming the image of the app.

Nevertheless, if you find something questionable after installing the app, do send it to [email protected]. Epic games might appreciate your concern and send along a few bucks.

Even if we consider the hacking instances are baseless rumors, we cannot deny the fact that the app is collecting worrisome amounts of user data, and its privacy policy doesn’t comply with the privacy standards set by the European Union. We believe this is enough to quit Houseparty and try other alternatives.

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