iOS 16 Is Packed With New Features: Try These Now

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Apple launched the iPhone 14 and the new iOS 16 last week. Although the Beta preview of iOS 16 was made available a couple of months back, yesterday, Apple released it for all users. Unlike the previous few versions, iOS 16 doesn’t disappoint at all. Apple has managed to squeeze in many new iOS 16 features which were either missing or necessary for iPhones.

One feature that caught everyone’s attention was Dynamic Island. It is an ingenious usage of the display around the notch and does a good job of repurposing it. However, it is only exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models and you don’t get it with iOS 16. But there are plenty of new features that you can try.

iOS 16 New Features

The most prominent change is the new customizable lock screen. Android users might be laughing in a corner, but iPhones lacked a customizable lock screen for so long. Now you can add images, create multiple lock screens, add widgets, and do more with it. The widget choice is a little limited at the moment, but that may improve in the future. Moreover, notifications appear at the bottom of the lock screen to make space for the widgets.

iOS 16 also adds an unsend messages feature to the app. You can unsend messages if you send them accidentally. Apple allowed 15 minnutes window with the iOS 16 beta build, but due to privacy concerns, it has now been shortened to only two minutes. That’s all you get to correct your mistake. The recipient will know that you unsent a message. Similarly, the mail app gets the ability to recall messages. But the recall window is even shorter – you only have 30 seconds to unsend it.

iOS 16 safety and privacy features
Image by Manik Berry/Fossbytes

Apple has also revamped its Maps app in iOS 16. It now displays transit fares to make it easy to pick a public transit and allows you to pay for it using the card store in your wallet. You can also see and opt for cash fares which is another useful customization. Maps now offer the ability to plan out multi-stop routes.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. iOS 16 has a new and improved health app, a focus app, and much more.

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