RPCS3: PS3 Emulator Is Now Available On macOS!

rpcs3 on mac ps3 emulator

Today is a great day for Mac users as the RPCS3: PS3 emulator is now available on macOS. RPCS3 is one of the best PS3 emulators, and it is now compatible with the latest Mac devices. The developers behind the emulator released a video showcasing its performance on different Mac devices.

The developers also recommend running Windows or Linux on Macs that are not powered by an M1 chip for better performance. They claim this would boost the performance of the RPCS3 emulator by 60% on the Macbook Pro.

The video also showcased RPCS3 on macOS running popular games such as God of War III, Skate 3, and Persona 5. However, not all games are compatible with macOS and may show graphical issues and crashes.

What is RPCS3?

RPCS3 is a free and open-source PS2/PS3 emulator. It is the most popular and most trusted emulator in the Play Station emulation community. RPCS3 offers all the features expected from a top emulator, such as save states, cheats, customizable graphics, etc.

It can play up to 2191 (67%) PS3 games out of 3274 games. Achieving this level of emulation is huge for any emulator out there. 

Mac Support

rpcs3 ps3 emulator

The surprising thing was that the M1 Mac could get 60FPS in multiple titles. Such a great performance is usually only possible with high-end expensive PCs. Many older games like the Tomb Raider Trilogy can also get 120Hz support by changing settings on a custom config.

The developers revealed that RPCS3 worked (poorly) on macOS before 2016. However, certain technical roadblocks have led to macOS support being abandoned so far.

As these builds are new, none of the games on our compatibility list have been tested on macOS. Also, due to some mac specific issues we can’t exactly change a game to ingame from playable just because it doesn’t work on macOS. That being said, games listed as Playable are much more likely to work well.

RPCS3 developers

The RPCS3 macOS performance is much lower than Windows/Linux. The developers expect things to improve over time, not only from RPCS3 but from changes made to macOS and upstream libraries they use.

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