Snapchat To Roll Out ‘Snap Minis’: In-App Bite-Sized Interactive Tools

snapchat minis

Snap is soon going to roll out new mini-applications dubbed Snap Minis created by third-party developers. Snap Minis will be available in the chat section of the Snapchat app. Built on HTML5, Snap Minis will let the users do different things like buying movie tickets with friends or meditating alone.

Even Speigel, Snapchat CEO, said that these new Minis will play a major role in the debut of Snapchat in e-commerce. The platform will provide features like shopping with friends through these bite-sized apps.

7 Snap Minis Announced So Far

1. Let’s Do It: This Snap Mini lets you make plans and have discussions with your friends. Let’s Do It will help people in making group decisions.

2. Saturn: Helps students in comparing their class schedules.

3. Coachella: This Snap Mini is best for planning all the upcoming festivals with your friends and the performances you are going to watch with them.

4. Movie Tickets by Atom: As the name suggests, it can be used to book online movie tickets. You can also watch the latest movie trailers on this Mini and share them with your friends.

5. Tembo: Another app that can be very helpful for students who want to prepare for their exams with friends.

6. Meditation app by Headspace: This Snap Mini plays a major role in helping the user to relax. It offers meditation sessions that can help people in concentration and reducing stress.

7. Prediction Master by Mammoth Media: It is a kind of prediction game that can be played with your friends on Snapchat.

These are the first seven Snap Minis that are said to roll out next month. Apart from these, Snap is also going to roll out a dedicated news platform named Happening Now. It will be available in the Discover section of the app.

As per the demand and user experience, the company will definitely launch new Snap Minis in the near future. However, as of now, Snapchat will more focus on the success of the seven Snap Minis.

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