Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date & Time Is Here!

Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date & Time Is Here!
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In what comes as happy news for anime fans, Chainsaw Man anime’s release date is here. While it was revealed for a long time that the insanely popular Chainsaw Man manga’s anime adaptation is coming in October 2022. Meanwhile, Mappa has now officially announced the precise release date of Chainsaw Man anime, putting the eagerness of fans to rest.

In this article, we’ll be sharing the information about the release date of Chainsaw Man anime and everything else we know about the anime, along with what viewers need to know before they start with the upcoming anime.

Chainsaw Man anime release date & time

Yesterday, Mappa announced the much-awaited release date and time of Chainsaw Man anime via their Twitter handle. Chainsaw Man anime will be coming out on Tuesday, October 11th, 2022.

The anime will be available on Prime Video along with other mainstream streaming platforms; fans can head over to the website to know more about the streaming platforms Chainsaw Man anime will be available to stream on. In addition to Amazon Prime Video, the anime will be available on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Disney+, and more platforms, subject to the regions you reside in.

As for the release timings, Chainsaw Man anime will be available to stream online on Amazon Prime Video first at 1 AM on October 12th. Meanwhile, the anime will start broadcasting at midnight JST on October 11th, 2022.

Furthermore, in case you’re not aware, Chainsaw Man anime has released 3 trailers so far; the latest of the trio appeared last month. Make sure you watch the latest trailer of Chainsaw Man anime below.

What is Chainsaw Man about?

For those unaware, Chainsaw Man features the story of a young man named Denji, an impoverished man who meets a dog-like devil named Pochita. After meeting Pochita, Denji’s life changes drastically. How, you might ask? Well, the two fuse with each other to become this Chainsaw devil you see in the trailer, which also grants him the ability to transform his body parts into chainsaws.

After Denji and Pochita are fused, they join an organization that aims to fight and eliminate the devils when they become a threat to the human world. What follows is exhilarating action sequences and a mind-boggling storyline.

We, for once, can’t wait for the anime to start streaming online. Ultimately, rest assured, once Chainsaw Man nears its release date, we’ll be making weekly release dates and time guides for our readers so that you do not miss a single episode as it releases online.

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