Intel Launches New Xeon D Chips For Powerful “Edge Computing”

Intel introduced in February 2018 the new Intel® Xeon® D-2100 processor, a system on chip processor architected to address the needs of edge applications and other data center or network applications. (Credit: Intel Corporation)
Image: Intel
Intel has recently launched the new Intel Xeon D-2100 processor. This new chip follows the last year’s 1000-D lineup. Over the time, the company has worked to introduce variety to their platform, and design chips as per different requirements. The latest 14nm-based D-series release is a part of the same strategy.

This system-on-chip is designed to bring the performance of powerful Xeon chip to “edge computing” applications. Edge computing is a relatively newer concept; it allows the data processing to be done right on the device. This becomes important in applications where latency due to data upload to the cloud is unacceptable.

In general, the application of edge computing could be seen in industrial IoT field, self-driving cars, and other fast communication networks. With Xeon D-2100 chip, the silicon giant plans to stay ahead in this race.

It’s specific hardware capabilities are:

  • Up to 18 cores, 36 threads
  • Up to 512 GB DD4-2666 ECC
  • Up to 3.0 GHz with single-core Intel Turbo Boost 2.0
  • Up to four 10 GbE adapters
  • Up to 32 PCI Express 3.0 lanes

In an official blog post, Intel tells that the company aims to help advance the capabilities of data centers by bringing data processing closer to end devices. The chip also tries to balance energy requirement, intelligence, and power. With an optimized form factor, it can be used in applications like:

  • Communication service providers can use it for delivering 5G experiences
  • Delivering customized enterprise networking services like VPNs and firewall
  • Cloud and enterprise providers can use it for dense workloads

You can know more about Intel Xeon D chips here.

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