Google Is Creating Its Own Gaming Console And Game Streaming Service, Says Report

Back in 2015, Google expanded its presence in the video game market from Android-based Google Play Games to YouTube gaming – a spinoff that streams live and recorded gameplay videos for free.

Now, The Information reports that the company is planning to roll out its own cloud-powered game streaming service, codenamed ‘Yeti’, similar to PlayStation Now where a single subscription gives users access to tons of games.

Such services eliminate the need for heavy-duty gaming hardware at the user’s end. All the processing (including inputs from the user’s controller) is done on cloud servers, and the processed data is streamed to the user. But it requires blazing fast internet speeds with low latency to make the experience as smooth as possible. And also a robust cloud infrastructure which in this case, Google already owns it.

The service was reportedly in development for around two years, but it’s yet to see the daylight. Google thought about a possible launch in last year’s holiday season, but the plan was scrapped off for reasons not known.

Although no official comment has come from Google, the report suggests that the early experiments for Google’s game streaming service considered Chromecast as the streaming device. Even if they manage it, another thought out of curiosity is how a controller would connect to a Chromecast device. Maybe, if Google already included some hidden functionality in the streaming device.

However, the recent developments have reportedly hinted towards a Google-made gaming console and controller in the works. A console better fits into the picture.

It’s up to the search giant whether they’ll bring the game streaming exclusively on a new hardware, or somehow, on Chromecast also. The details about the price are still unclear, and the rumored project seems nowhere near an expected launch date. When released, it would be interesting to see how it would compete against well-established names like Xbox One X.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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