Wikipedia’s Desktop Site To Get Its First Revamp In 10 Years

Wikipedia new design

According to a recent blog post by the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia’s desktop site is going to get its first redesign in over 10 years.

If everything goes as planned, Wikipedia will have its revamped look by the end of 2021, somewhere around Wikipedia’s 20th birthday.

Changes Coming In The Revamped Wikipedia Desktop Site:

1. Position of the search bar

Currently, the search bar is in the top-right corner of Wikipedia’s desktop site. In the design update, it will be enlarged in size for better visibility and will be placed on the top-left corner of the website, just on the right side of the Wikipedia logo.

2. A collapsible sidebar

Wikipedia’s revamped desktop site will feature a ‘collapsible sidebar’ with the sole purpose of helping users focus on the main content without getting distracted. This feature will also help in limiting undesirable content for the users.

3. New table of contents section

A new ‘table of contents’ section will be added to the revamped Wikipedia desktop site. This feature will help save a user’s time that is usually lost in scrolling down a lengthy web page. Moreover, it will help users skip certain sections of the web page with ease.

4. One click language switch option

Wikipedia users will be able to switch languages with ease via the ‘language switch option’ in the top-right corner of the site.

Apart from these changes, Wikipedia’s logo will also be recreated to make it appear smaller in size on each web page. Several improvements will be made to the on-site search tool to help users navigate other web pages more effectively.

More interestingly, the foundation has also set up an FAQ about the entire Wikipedia redesign.

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