Instagram Stories Bug Is Showing Users Stories They’ve Already Seen

Instagram Stories
Image: Unsplash

Instagram is a pioneer of social media. Unique and first of its kind, the social media site is great for uploading photos online and sharing parts of your life with the world.

With millions of users, the application is one of the most famous platforms. Not just for individuals, but time and time again, it has proven to be a helpful marketing tool for businesses and helped them increase their audience. Despite its broad reach, it is still unfortunately prone to bugs and errors now and then.

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you may have noticed that stories on the platform have been glitching lately. You must watch all the old stories, even if you have viewed them, to get to the new ones.

Instagram stories glitch

Many social media users have also experienced this problem, and now Instagram has finally noticed it. A Spokesperson for its parent company Meta, Christine Pai, told news outlets that Instagram is well-aware of the issue and is working on sorting the problem out.

The main issue is that the platform doesn’t remember where you left off when watching someone’s story. This means that if a user has uploaded six stories, and you have viewed four of them before clicking away, then the next time you click on their icon, Instagram should direct you to the fifth story, but instead, you have to watch them all from the start.

Not a big issue?

Currently, it is unclear how many people are experiencing this hindrance. Many users have expressed frustration over it on other social media sites like Twitter and Reddit. But, if such a significant feature stopped working for everyone, we’d expect Instagram to trend, as it usually does under similar circumstances.

However, this isn’t the first time such an error has occurred. It happened once before in 2020, but Instagram was quick to fix it, as they sorted out the matter in a few hours.

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