These Russian Combat Suits Can Survive Explosions And Gunfire

russia combat suit ratnik
Image: Illustration by author

War is the natural state of man, philosopher Thomas Hobbes’s take on humanity goes. Looking back at our history which is filled with human conflict, this opinion doesn’t seem off at all.

Such a troubled state of constant wars has always pushed nations to improve their arsenal. As a consequence, at this point in time, there are several hi-tech militaries in the world such as Russia. In this article, we take a look at two impressive combat suits, from Russia, that have gone viral on the internet.

The first of these armored suits seemingly grants the wearer protection from explosions. Whereas, the other armor helps you deflect bullets and improve physical performance on the battlefield. Moreover, these suits are a part of the country’s Ratnik program that aims to engineer futuristic military tech. Here’s a video showing both these Russian inventions in action.

Explosion-proof armor

This product of Russian military engineering is truly incredible. Apparently, the sturdy protective gear, built together by Rostec Corporation and TSNIITOCHMASH Research Institute, can help you survive land mines without any trouble. The suit owes this level of protection to its aramid material that blocks shrapnel and doesn’t catch fire either.

In the video above, stunt performer Viktoria Kolesnikova walks through a barrage of explosions unscathed and unshaken. This suggests that the suit can not only sustain damage but also absorb shock effects from the mines. According to Kolesnikova herself, the wearer’s ears also stay unharmed from the explosion’s loud noise.

Bulletproof exoskeleton

Yet another prized possession of Russian military tech is the bulletproof combat suit that you can see in the latter half of the video. Interestingly, this exoskeleton suit is akin to Iron Man’s armor as it enhances the wearer’s physical attributes. More precisely, it enables the user to move faster, carry more inventory items, and dial down on fatigue.

In addition, the user can also do things that would otherwise be impractical, such as firing a machine gun with just one hand. Further, it comes with an integrated communications system that helps the user keep in touch with others. Finally, when it comes to defensive traits, the suit’s polyethylene fiber safeguards the user from even 0.50-caliber gunshots.

So, that wraps up our article on Russian Ratnik combat suits. If you’ve stayed till now, you might want to read about a highly dangerous military weapon that no one uses in war.

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